The Foolish Sage

By healing myself, I help others to heal. By helping others to heal, I heal myself.

It is my intent in this blog to share tools that I find on my own journey to self-improvement. I use the character of the foolish sage to mirror the divine paradox found in each one of us. I trust myself; I know I have innate wisdom as well as knowledge from life experience. Yet, I am so humble, because, at the same time, I know nothing. And I am here to learn. Below are my guiding principles in creating this blog.

A Beginner’s Mind: Without the openness of the fool, one learns nothing. Think of small children, how open their minds are, and how quickly they learn. I never want to stop being a sponge.

Wisdom: Sometimes it is important to shut the world out and go within. We have all of the answers inside of us.

Irreverence: The web definition I found for this word reads as “lack of due respect or veneration,” but I don’t see it that way. What I think when I say this word is a throwing off of the conventional, letting loose and laughing until you cry. Sometimes you just have to shake it up a little bit.

Sacredness: And other times you need to quiet down and give thanks. Each moment is a gift and a blessing and a miracle. We are all deeply connected, so each action we take affects those around us in ways we may never know. It is my job to be mindful of this, and do my best to help and not hurt.

Practicality: You will find plenty of fully applicable self-improvement exercises here. Theory is worthless without the practice.

Magic: I think the more you pay attention to those small coincidences, the synchronicity in daily life, the more you realize something amazing is happening!


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