Short Poem to Coda

You open your eyes for the first time

and glance at the world anew,

studying every shape, shade, corner;

imprinting in your mind these new surroundings that will become so familiar in time.

You study my face, my eyes, so inquisitive;

your hands you splay in front of your gaze, moving your fingers,

linking movement to sight.

Your smell is a drug, I can’t get enough

of this brand newness, can’t stop breathing you in


Wave after wave of euphoria wash over me

as I touch your skin, so soft and warm,

so fresh.

This magical, this mystical


so fleeting, but locked in my heart forever.

Meeting you,

who grew from my egg and his sperm

into a full three-dimensional being

with your own path and your own soul.

I am so blessed to be your caretaker

for now.

I am so blessed to hold you in my arms,

feel my lips on your velvety skin, 

smell you, so new,

with the scent of infinite mother ocean waters

and the gaze of all-seeing wisdom and complete innocence

all wrapped into one.


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