Bedtimes conversations with a preschooler

Gavin: Mommy, where did you live when you were a kid?

Me: I lived in a house in a place called Indiana.

Gavin: Ok (nods head knowingly).

Me: I lived with my mom, who is your grandma, and my dad, who is pop-pop, and my sisters and my brother. Then, we all grew up and we don’t live together anymore. But we do get together for holidays and birthdays.

Gavin: Mommy, but you will always be my mom.

Me: Yes.

Gavin: And I will always live with you.

Me: Well, when you grow up, you might want to move out. A lot of people do when they grow up.

Gavin: Ok, I will…but where will Daddy live?

Me: He’ll live with me.

Gavin: I will stay and live with you and Daddy forever (smile).


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