Stay Empty

ImageStay empty. Be a vessel, calling to you everything bright and good and beautiful.

Stay empty. Sit with your hunger, feel that ache, and seek to understand it.

Resist the desire to fill yourself with static noise, heavy food, meaningless chatter.

Put down the book. Turn off the TV and computer. Don’t answer the phone.

Go outdoors. Study the full moon. Howl like a wolf, longing for connection. Feel the               yearning.

Stay with the wanting. Don’t give in. Dive deeper into it.

Recognize the many faces of desire. Wanting for intimacy, sex, companionship. Appetite for food, for sweet, for salty. Searching for temporary escape, for alcohol, for drugs. Cravings for distractions, for senseless stories, for entertainment, for gossip.

Dismiss each demand. Remove the many masks, one by one. Don’t run from the sorrow you may discover underneath. Calm the fears, rock the despair to sleep. Listen to it, feel it, learn from it, and let it go.

Stay empty. Feel the wanting bubble up inside of you, insistent to be filled.

Find the deeper desire, the vast openness beneath the desperate demands for illusory things.

There is something that drives all of us to live and to love, and this is it.

Stay empty, until you see this, and then drink and drink, and let this holy water be your guide.

Stay empty, until you know you are already full.Image


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